Thursday, April 29, 2010

"We have seen the enemy and he is us."

* "We have seen the enemy and he is us."  
        Walt Kelly, of "Pogo" fame..

               All of "us" are immigrants. 

Wacko right-wing money helps create
"teabaggers" to rile up a a racist
RepubliCON base.  Scapegoating
migrants trying to feed their families
in response to our unfair trade practices
will indeed continue to destroy the
right wing spin machine fanatics.

Unfortunately, the spin machine works.
The spinners changed health care reform into
a boondoggle gift to the insurance industry...
at our expense.  (Health, life, & liberty are natural rights)
And it may continue to protect Wall street
at the expense of Main street. 

The nonsensical Arizona law against "walking while Hispanic..."
will probably be preserved, after modifications, thanks to the
disinformation of the loud right wing mean extreme.

And the "drill baby drill" talking point of the Bush administrtion
may indeed come back to haunt these extremists...
with a billion gallons of oil approaching the Gulf Coast.

"Obama's" Wall St. bailout was a gift at our expense.
It was not only much, much less than originally estimated,
it included too many tax breaks for big business and too
little investment in jobs for main street. 

As for economic meltdown...  we are still in it! And until
Barack dumps the Wall Street Hucksters along with
our indefensible defense secretary... our fortunes (that is
the fortunes of working people) will continue to wane, while
wall street celebrates their  "bail out."

And while the stock market is  up about three thousand points
from when Obama took over... mortgages are skyrocketing,
insurance rates climb, the war goes on, unemployment and
wage deflation continues... and working Americans
are left holding an increasingly empty bag.

BORROW, spend, and-cut-taxes-for-the-rich-
Republicans have found an ally in the Obama White
House...  as we continue to fund two wars and build
monuments to corporate ambitions in Iraq, Afghantistan,
and Washington, DC.

The RepubliCON lies and fear-mongering
may only be "working"  with their sometimes racist,
often ignorant base. And a few decent people who
still call themselves Republicans are leaving the party
in droves.  But frankly, the Democratic party machine
is beginning to look quite similar.  (war, inflation, unemployment
and favors for the rich at the expense of the middle class)
It may be that "how many seats will Dems lose in November" may
become "how many seats will CONs and Dems both lose in
November".  And it may be time to ask if perhaps we don't
deserve better than either of these corporate albatrosses have
provided.  It may not be Tweedledum and Tweedledee...
but those who have lost homes, jobs, and hope...
are beginning to wonder if perhaps Nadar was right.
Obama's fancy talk may simply provide better
cover for the same corporate scam. 
Lipstick on a pig.
We can do better.
(from: The Road to Peace )
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